Here you will find miscellaneous postings transferred from our "Layman ~ Crowe" site, regarding the various families we are researching.  Sources are varied and hopefully noted with the data.  They are grouped according to family.

You may use Google search to find additional information throughout this site or the Internet.


From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 16 Sent: 4/7/2004 5:27 PM
Sorry I guess I spoke too soon! Looking at the 1870 census, there is a Martin L and a Luther both listed with Frederick Crow(e), one 16 and the other 17 yrs old. The Margaret Freill doesn't look to be a daughter of Frederick since it shows both parents "foreign born". But who knows. It also lists Martin L. as being married within the census year and Sept (1869) is the month stated. Back to square one!

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 1 Sent: 4/28/2004 9:07 PM
Hey everyone related to Frederick.  Genie just brought up something I had never noticed before to my attention.  On the 1880 census Frederick says his mother was born in Germany.  But Percy cemetery records says his parents were William Crow and Mary Humbertson.  Ace, were any Humbertson's from Germany?   Any ideas anyone?

JULY 14, 1911

Mr Leonard Glenn Crowe, of Finzel, Garret County Md, and Miss Elizabeth Keidel, of Meyersdale, were married under a large oak tree on the old National Pike, west of Frostburg, in the presence of a few friends by Rev W E Woolf, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Frostburg.
I also found this.  I don't know who Leonard is yet.

From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 3/11/2004 3:42 PM
Attention JoAnn,
I found Walter Wade in the 1920 census (living with another family as a boarder, I think it was Wilson) in Harrisburg, Saline Co. Illinois. ED 130 pg 7A. He gives his age as 41 says he is a widower, born in MD with both parents born MD and he is a laborer in a coal mine.
In 1930 I found him in the same city, ED 83-15 pg 1B, listed as Walter E. Wade, head of household, 49 yrs old, born MD, both parents born MD. He is a coal miner, and says he was 22 yrs old at the time of his first marriage. But that makes his marriage to Rose May 1906 if I figured correctly. I thought that was about the time they got divorced.
His wife is Wade, Margaret M., 38 yrs born Eng, both parents born Eng and she was 16 at the time of her first marriage.
There is a dau Wade, Margaret, 6 yrs. old, born IL, Fa b MD Mo born Eng.
Step-dau Scott, Sarah, 21 yrs, born IL, Fa born Eng, Mo born Eng she is a stenographer in a Law Office
Step-son Scott, Walter H, 17 yrs, born IL, Fa born Eng, Mo born Eng. no occ.
I don't know if this will help, but I hope so.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 3/15/2004 9:37 PM
I thought I might point out that 2 of the new members of this site are both related to Frederick Crow and Henrietta Staup you both may like to get together and compare notes. Frank you said your father was Benjamin Franklin Crowe Jr.I have in my file:
Frederick & Henrietta Staup
Nathan Peter & Mary Ellen Norris
Benjamin Franklin Sr. & Emma Stokes
Benjamin Franklin Jr. & Catherine Synder (1) Thelma Hurst (2)
I hope I got that right.
Deb you said you were a descendant of Frederick also but I'm not sure of your line.
Just thought I'd mention it.  Happy hunting!
From: FrankW  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/16/2004 9:02 PM
The correct Spelling is Catherine Snyder, My Mother is Thelma Hurst as is Deb's
 I find this site to be enjoyable. There has been a small flurry of e-mail as our family has discover additional information off this site. Matching my sister and I shows you are paying attention. Keep up the good work.

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 3 Sent: 3/17/2004 2:07 PM
Hi Frank,
I ran across a website that was posted on the Allegany mailing list this morning and I thought of you, Deb and Tina.  Tina had asked if I knew if Henrietta’s maiden name was Staup or Stump.  As I told her I had Staup in my files due to seeing that name referenced on the Allegany marriage list and also on the Percy Cemetery list but that I had not dug into her family, as she is not one of my maternal lines. But anyway there was a website for Oldtown posted and on the site it said Staup was one of the families of Oldtown.  If you have not seen this site you may enjoy looking at it.
Have you used the Allegany GenWeb?  If not I can send you the URL.  That is where you can join the mailing list where people ask questions on families of Allegany County.
Again welcome and keep the questions coming and please post what you think others can use.  It doesn’t have to be just on Frederick.  If you run across something interesting on the family or even a new Website let us know.  And if you’'re really daring join my “family reunion” page…. I’m not giving up on that yet! 


From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 3/20/2004 1:08 PM
Patty tried to post this to the site but ran into a problem.  Thank you Patty, this is great!
There was a Crow(e) Farm somewhere in that area of Borden-Shaft,  Klondike areas south of Frostburg on Rt. 936.  You go to Frostburg,  take a left off Main St. down Grant St.  just keep on going through Grahamtown,  Wrights Crossing then those mining communities of Klondike,  Bordon Shaft,  Carlos Mines, etc.   This Rt. 936 used to be Rt. 36 until the new Highway was added.   This Rt. 936 will take   you into Midland,  MD. by the back, old road.
That  5th Miller Cem.  is located somewhere in the Klondike/Borden-Shaft area just South of Frostburg.   Mt. Savage is north of Frostburg.     There are many little mining communities around Frostburg.    They were set-up by the miners and the Coal Co. owners for the workers.   They would be close to the coal mine in which they were working.    The winters were harsh and some very deep snows on those mountains.
But Frederick & Henrietta must have been Methodist.    They,  along with Mary Crow,  Fredericks sister are all listed in the Congregation of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church just east of Cumberland.   This church was established about 1838.    Sometime around the Civil War 1860,  the Crows must have relocated to the Frostburg area.    This would have been about 15-20 miles to the west to Frostburg.
I understand that the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church on old Rt. 40 (National Pike)  had Northern sympathies at the beginning of the Civil War.    Several of the congregation had sided with the South.    Those with the South built and then attended the new church  Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church on Mt. Pleasant Road.   These churches are just about a mile apart.
From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 4/28/2004 9:36 AM
Does anyone know if or where John F Crowe fits in with William Crowe (b.1773)?
I posted Phyllis Rosley's line, descending from John F. but I don't know how he is related. Any info would be appreciated.

From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 4/29/2004 5:19 PM

Okeedokee friends and neighbors......and cousins too!
I've spent two days going page by page through the early census records for Washington Co. and Allegany Co. MD.
We have been lead to believe that William Crowe (b 1773) was the beginning of our line, (at least as far as anyone has traced it to date). William Crowe married Mary Humbertson in 1793, and that's been documented. No problem there. However Jacob Crowe was born between 1784-1791 (depending on the census you look at), just a scoach before they were married. If our Jacob was born in 1784, William would have only been 11 yrs. old. I've heard of starting young, but that's really stetching it! Even if Jacob was born in 1791, William would have only been 18, but that's not unheard of.
Now, according to the census for 1790, there is no William Crow(e) in MD. There is however, a Jacob Crow enumerated in Wash. Co., with one white male of 16 and over, four white males under 16 and one white female. Our Jacob would not be a part of the four white males under 16, since he wasn't born yet.
Is it possible that Jacob was the first of our line, and William, Philip, and Frederick were his brothers? And our Jacob was a junior?
In the 1800 census for Allegany Co, George's Creek, we find:
 Frederick Crowe is listed with one male under 10, one male 10-15, one male 26-44, 3 females under 10, 1 female 26-44;
Margaret Crowe (possibly the widow of Jacob?) is listed with one male aged  16-25, and herself 26-44;
Philip Crowe has 3 males under 10, 3 males 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-25 and 1 female 26-44;
 William Crowe shows 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-25.
Frederick Crowe, Thomas Humberson, and Morris Winebrenner are all found on the same page, (p 31) with William and Margaret two pages before them (p 27) and Philip Crowe one page before them (p 29). [Note: in 1800 the listings for each person extended across two facing pages.]  Jacob is not found in the 1800.
Peter Crowe is listed in Wills Town with William Winebrenner.
Just some food for thought, or pondering over......
I would love to hear some comments.

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 1 Sent: 4/29/2004 8:20 PM
Ok It's possible that the older Jacob could be the start of our line, the name does carry down through the family.  But explain again please how William could be a brother of Frederick and Phillip if he was born in 1773 and married in 1793.  Where did the birth year come from for William.  I have only seen it on RootsWeb which isn't documented and I am guilty of just assuming it was correct.  Does anyone have something in the way of a record or personal family history?
But it does seem strange that Percy Cemetery has William Crow and Mary Humbertson as the parents of Frederick unless Patty was right and maybe Jacob and Frederick were not brothers.
It does seem that the Margaret who is found by herself in 1880 was probably the wife of Jacob jr.
Was there a William in PA in 1790?  Maybe we just assume he was born in MD.
Good food for thought Genie.  Oh boy, here we go again just when it looked like it might be fitting together! 

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 2 Sent: 4/30/2004 8:38 AM
I do not question Wm Crow for the father of Frederick at all. It's the name game again. It's just that there were earlier Jacob, Frederick
In the 1800 census I have a Frederick Crowe born between 1756-1774 as well as Margaret, Philip, and William all born during that same period (1756-1784). In the 1810 census Frederick is listed being born between 1766-1784, in 1820 it shows "over 45" which just places his birth before 1775. This would make Frederick between 36-44 yrs old in 1810 Peter Crowe in Wills Town in 1800 is born 1775-1784
Also in the 1810 census I found Michael Crow born between 1785-1794 and a Jacob Crow in Williams Port (near Hagerstown in Wash. Co.) born 1766-1784.
I did not find Philip, Margaret or William on the 1810 census, but I have not gone through it page by page yet.
Morris Winebrawner and Jane Humberson (the dau of Thos H and Jane Galford) are also listed on the same page as Frederick Crow in 1810.
Nobody knows when our William, the father of Frederick (b.1808) was born. It is just a guess, since we know he got married in 1793 and on average, males married at about 20 yrs old. Once that date got posted, everybody took it for being the correct date. It may very well be that William is also the father of Jacob from a previous marriage! Or they could be cousins.
There are three William Crows listed for PA in the 1790 census, along with Benjamin, Jacob, Matthew, and John. Bucks, Huntindon and Franklin Counties are where they were enumerated.
There is more to add to the confusion with the Humbertson and Winebrenner families too. After I sort the facts, they will be posted to their respective forums.
Got your thinking caps on??? Oh I love this!

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 3 Sent: 5/2/2004 7:35 PM
I have now been through the 1810, 1820 and 1830 census, page by page. The early Philip, Margaret and William are not found in Allegany Co. for any of these years. However there is a Philip that turns up in 1930 aged 20-30.
In the 1820 census Frederick and Jacob Crow are listed on the same page (pg 15) in Dist. 5, Michael and George Crow are listed on the same page (pg 25) in Dist 6. This would lead me to believe that Frederick and Jacob are related and Michael and George are relatives, but that may not be the case.  Morris Winebruner (indexed as "Winebrand-unknown") and William Humberson are also in Dist. 5 two pages (pg 17) after Frederick and Jacob Crow, and George Humberson is found on the same page (pg 15) as Frederick and Jacob.
Frederick Crow 2 males 10-15,3 males 16-25, 1 male over 45 (born before 1775), 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 16-25, 1 female over 45. four persons engaged in Agriculture.
Jacob Crow 3 males undeer 10, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45, one person engaged in Agriculture.
Michael Crow is 26-45 and in Agriculture, George is also 26-45 and engaged in Manufacturing.
Since we do not know where Michael and George fit into the puzzle, I have not listed others living with them. If anyone needs this information, I will be happy to send it to their email

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 13 Sent: 4/7/2004 1:45 PM
I think we all got caught off guard about Luther Crowe. He and Martin Luther Crowe are one and the same, born 12/1853, died 3/13/1926, buried in Frostburg Memorial Park (formerly allegany Cemetery). I guess sometimes he used Martin Luther and other times just Luther, which we have seen done quite often with the families, to wit:
Curtin Robert James Layman, using all those different names at various times.

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 4 Sent: 5/2/2004 7:39 PM
Ooops, sorry, I didn't proofread the previous message. It should read "there is a Philip that turns up in 1830 aged 20-30"

From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 4/29/2004 5:23 PM
I have a Lawrence Crowe listed as the son of Mary Humbertson and William Crowe from a file sent to me. Does anyone have any info on him? I have no dates for him.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 5/10/2004 8:16 PM
 Sorry cousins, it was brought to my attention that we forgot to add one of Nelson and Mary Ann's daughters on "The Crowe Family" page.  Nancy is now with the rest of the family, thanks to one of her great grandsons!  We wouldn't want to lose someone after it took so long to find them!!! 

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 3/6/2004 8:06 PM
Hi everyone.  I just ran across a website for Percy Cemetery in Frostburg.  It has a listing of those buried there.  I found Frederick Crow and wife Henerita Staup.  Next to Frederick it says his father was William Crow and mother Mary Humbertson.
On the site it also says that the people listed as having a "chart" means there was a family tree listed for the family in a book called Commemorating Frostburg's Percy Cemetery Restoration and Research.
From: Acejr6  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/7/2004 8:58 PM
I have two of their published books. It was done by two professors at Frostburg State University. Tony Crosby has helped me out alot. I don't believe there is a tombstone for either William or Mary Humberston, there might be for Frederick. They got some of their information from church records. The family trees at a few generations before and after the deceased.
I believe the book is still available, anyone want me to ask around?
[Humbertson, Ace H.] 
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2004 11:06 PM

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 2 Sent: 3/9/2004 9:27 AM
Hi Ace,
Pat who is also a new member to the site said she had the books too, thank you.  She said the Crow family mentioned in the book did not reveal any more info on the rest of the family.  I think she said it was Frederick only.  I know she said it didn't mention Jacob.  Were you under the impression that maybe William and Mary were buried there?
Also Pat was wondering if you knew the driving directions to the Humbertson Cemetery.  Was that in Addison, PA?

I have been wondering about that Lawrence Crow too.  There was no information at all for him.
From: Patty  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/14/2004 7:52 PM
The Percy book only lists  Frederick & wife Henrietta buried there at Percy Cem. .    William & Mary are buried elsewhere,   I believe they are at a cemetery in the Klondike area just south of Frostburg.    There are several Miller Cemeteries in that area according to "Rural Cemeteries of Allegany Co."  compiled by Co. Genealogical Society.     I found out in the past few days that there is a 5th Miller--Brashear Cem.  also somewhere in that same area.    My daughter works with a girl who was nee a Brashear.   She said that the cemetery of her family & some others are buried on a mountain there just off Rt. 936 (formerly Rt.36)     She has borrowed my "Rural Cem "  book and said that those 4 Miller Cem. listed are not her family cem.     Her father is still living.   She is going to ask him if he remembers anything about the Humbertsons,  Crow(e),  Winebrenners in that area.    Also she hopes her brother & her can get up on that mountain cemetery soon..    I don't know if I could make it up there ---if too far.    She is going to inventory the cemetery for me and let me know if any Crow, Parker,  etc. buried there.    It has been years since she was there.
Thanks Ace for the copy of those buried at Klondike which he calls the "Humbertson Cem".   He lists 1 Parker child buried there.   Need to dig into my files and maybe I can come up with whose child this could be.    I thought perhaps Rebecca Humbertson & her husband William Henry Parker.
(my gg-uncle).    They are buried at Frostburg Mem. Park.   I believe I have a photo of their grave site.
Anyway will keep you posted on what Barbara (Brashear) can tell me or what I find in the meantime.
Take Care

From: deb3577  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/15/2004 12:37 PM
Carol, could you send me the site where you found the info on Percy Cemetary and do you know where the book can be found?

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 6 Sent: 3/15/2004 2:07 PM
Here's the URL for Percy Cemetery.  Two people on this site said they have the books, Ace and Patty.  Look back over the previous messages on this discussion.




From: FrankW  in response to Message 5 Sent: 3/18/2004 8:52 PM
I wonder if the cemetery Patty refers to could be the Methodist cemetery in Mt Savage, it is on a mountaintop across from a church and cemetery. Many of the Crow/Crowe family are in that cemetery and some can be found in the cemetery across the street. I have visited the Methodist cemetery and taken pictures of the Crow/Crowe headstones I found including my Grandmother and Grandfather. I have a feeling that if some one could get hold of the sexton in the church across the street, they might find that in some of those old graves marked with just the word CROWE could be the remains of many of the ancesters we are all pursuing. I do intend to go back there when my wife and I are able, but if someone should get there first, please let me know what you find.
From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 8 Sent: 3/19/2004 7:02 PM
Great post Frank, thank you! .  I don’t know if it could be the same cemetery.  Patty called it the Miller cemetery off Rt 936.  Having never been to your neck of the woods I am not familiar with the roads or landscape. It sounds like a good place to check out the Crowe family though.  I wish I could go.
From: FrankW  in response to Message 2 Sent: 3/21/2004 7:07 PM
Ace, I would be interested in finding out more about this book. Perhaps there is a copy in the Geneology Library in Salt Lake

From: t_yasdnil  in response to Message 10 Sent: 3/29/2004 7:44 AM
This file that Patty send from a book on Percy Cemetery has open a can of worms. I am a little confused because I have all the children she listed for Frederick Crow and Henrietta B. Stump (Staup) except for Margaret L. Crow: b. 1856. Also I have a Luther Crow listed as one of their child. Luther was born about 1853 and died about 1926 in Frostburg, Maryland. He married Emily I. and she died about 1931 in Frostburg, Maryland. They had a son named James M. Crow born 1879 and died 1890 in Frostburg, Maryland. All three of them are buried at Frostburg Memorial Cemetery. Can anyone help me ?
From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 12 Sent: 3/29/2004 11:13 AM
I'm a bit confused myself, as I did not take the Margaret that was enumerated on the 1870 census with Frederick as being his daughter because of the different last name.  Dick Crow had Luther in his files also and there was a Luther Crow counted next down from Margaret Facelle.  The 1870 census is the only one that I have found a Luther on so far.  I took a quick peek today for him.  I am using Heritiage Quest for records.  So if someone wants to check Ancestry I would appreciate it.
I had for Martin Luther born Dec 1853 and died abt 1926 and married to Mathilda (Matilda?) Stevenson on Nov 30, 1872.  He could have remarried in 1876 to Emily Wells.  He was on the 1920 census with Emily Isabelle I think it said.
Now as to what happened to Luther Crow after 1870 I don't know yet but if you go to the Allegany GenWeb site and look under Grahamstown.  There is a bio of a Luther Crow.  I don't know if he is one in the same but we do know that there is mention of a Luther on the 1870 census and in this picture.  Who he really belongs to we have to find out.
I also wanted to ask about  the Franklin in the picture.  Was he the Frankiln who's cabin caught fire?  I have a copy of an article about a tragic fire.
I don't know if this has been any help but I will look into Luther also.

From: Patty  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/29/2004 6:31 PM
Only those with a double line around their name listed on CROW Chart in Percy Cem book are actually buried in Percy Cem.    That would be;
Catherine Staup/Stump--1775--1859
Frederick Crow--1808--1889
his wife;  Henrietta Staup  1813--1888
son; Charles B. Crow  1851--1852
All others of this Crow family are buried elsewhere.
The Luther Crow you have listed is most likely --Martin Luther Crow --as stated per chart  b. 1853 m: Emma J. Wells in 1878.
He is listed in another Descendancy Chart as m; 1st;  Mathilda Stevenson   2nd; Emma J. Wells.
I have nothing further on Margaret L. Crow  or James M. Crow.   Perhaps someone else on list may have more info for them.
From: t_yasdnil  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/30/2004 7:30 AM
Yes, you are correct about Frank's log cabin. The fire killed 6 people,
four children and 2 adults from a oil explosion in Saltlick Township, near Melcroft.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 11/27/2003 8:22 PM
I found Jacob's daughter Catherine buried in Pysell Cemetery, end of Pysell road, McHenry, Garrett Co, MD. 
Spiker, Catherine E., d. Jun 8, 1880 39yr 1mo w/o Demus.
I have made the correction to "The Crowe Family" page.
From: Miss-Carrie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 2/19/2004 6:09 PM
Just out of curiosity do we have source docs for Catherine.  I have a source that you guys may already have it is from Book 34 apage 370-373 Allegany County land record.
It is a deed to Richard Beall recorded September 5 1871.  It is rather lenthy but in short it is Jacob Crow's wife and children transferring their rights to his land to one Richard Beal.  Mentioned in the document are Margaret Crow, Henry & Harriet Crow, John & Emily Crow, Isaac & Mary Crow George and Louisa Crow, Nelson and Mary Ann Crow, Abraham and Sarah Ann Crow, Jacob and Elizabeth Crow, Hannah Crow, Christian & Anna Blocher, Morris and Lydia Winbrenner. 
All are listed as the heir of Jacob Crow. 
There is no mention of a Catherine.  Since this document was generated prior to her death it would be odd that her and her husband would not have been included.  Is there a posability she is the daughter of the younger Jacob and Elizabeth Effert?
The document is very interesting it gets into details about the lands.  I'd be happy scan it and get anyone a copy who is interested.  It sources most of the children for us.  It also verifes Hannah as a child of Margaret and Jacob

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 2 Sent: 2/19/2004 7:50 PM
Hi Miss Carrie,
The source that I have for Catherine is the 1850 census.  She is enumerated with Jacob and the rest of the family as Catherine Spiker age 20.  Jacob Jr. is 24 at the time so he would be to young to be her father.
Well she could have been left off because either she really wasn't a daughter or she fell out of favor with her parents.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 1/9/2004 4:20 PM
CROWE 24 Sep 1903 Mr Winfield Crowe and Miss Myrtle Garlitz, both of Avilton married at St Michaels Church - Frostburg.
From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 1 Sent: 2/27/2004 1:20 PM
Reginald Elmer Crowe was the son of Isaac Fredrick.  His headstone reads born July 1887 not 1888.

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 2/27/2004 6:19 PM
I got a copy of the actual card where Reginald gave his birthdate as 1888 and emailed to you. 

From: FrankW  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/13/2004 8:30 PM
 My Father was Benjamen Franklin Crowe Jr. born march 17 1896. He lived in Mount Savage, Allegahny Cnty, Md. He served in the Army Air corp. During WW1. I did not see his name on this list and wonder if this is a complete list? He always said the recruting Sgt. was drunk and listed him incorrectly as Frank F. Crowe. He was unable to get the military to change their mistake and list him correctly. 

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/14/2004 6:09 AM
Hi Frank,
I did a copy and paste from the listing on Ancestry. I could have missed your dad somehow. I will check again. Is it possible he registered in PA? Also this is just a listing of Draft Registrations. I did not go through WWI Service Records for this list and can check there.

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 4 Sent: 3/14/2004 8:56 AM
Hey there Frank,
Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, Benjamin Franklin, aka Frank F is not in the Draft Registration Records on Ancestry. But the good news is there was a reason for that. And I found his service record!
Name: Frank Crowe
Race: white
Address: Mt. Savage, Allegany Co.
Birth Place: Mt. Savage, Md.
Age: 21 yrs 2 mos
Comment: NG 5/28/17 pvt; pvt 1c 4/25/18; pvt 4/9/19, Co G 1 Md. Inf; Co G 115 Inf; Motor Mec Regt Camp Greene N.C. 2/1/18; 19 Co 3 Motor Mec Regt 4/17/18; 8 Co 3 Motor Mec Regt 6/1/18; 463 Aero Sq 4/10/19, Hon disch 7/18/19, Overseas 6/23/18 to 7/8/19 
Maryland in the World War 1917-1919; Military and Naval Service Records, Volumes I & II
Order of St. Sava

He enlisted in the Army on 28 May 1917 which I believe is before they had to sign up for the draft. Wasn't it in June when they had to start registering? He made PFC just about a yr. later, but then it looks like he lost his stripe on 9 Apr 1919 and the next day was transferred to the 463 Aero Squadron. And he was overseas for a year, came home and was honorably discharged.

I found him and his family in the 1920 census, listed as Frank, with father Frank and mother Emma. There were a couple of siblings. Do you want me to send this to your email (I'll need your email addy). I could not find them in the 1930 under Benjamin or Frank or Emma or any Crow/Crowe that came close. I even tried just going thru all 267 residents of Mt. Savage and didn't find anything that faintly resembled his name. I think they must have moved. Maybe his parents passed away and Benjamin Franklin Jr. married and lived just outside of Mt. Savage, or the district changed it's boundaries. He could be mis-indexed somewhere else.      Genie

From: t_yasdnil  in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/14/2004 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: Crow/Crowe Draft Registrations WWI
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 08:56:52 -0800
Frank, I have to look for it but I have a copy of your father's Discharge
paper. I'll sent it to you as soon as I can find it.
From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 5 Sent: 10/17/2003 3:53 PM
I received a reply from Peggy E. Sween to my inquiry about Nelson & Mary Ann.  She said that anyone buried at Frostburg Memorial before 1950 that did not have a marker, they would not have a record for them.  The records on burials before 1950 were destroyed by fire in 1950.  I also asked if she could direct me to anyone else who could do a cemetery look up for Allegany Cemetery.  Perhaps she didn't know, there was no anwer to that question.  I'm going to request the book "Pioneer Settlers Of Flintstone" from the Library.  It will take at least a month to get it. 
From: PoetryCrowe  in response to Message 1 Sent: 10/19/2003 4:08 PM
I have a Harry Edward Crowe, born abt 1889 in VA, not even sure I am supposed to be here, but he is a major brickwall.  He left Virginia with a brother Joseph born abt 1898.  They moved to Ohio.  I first find them in Dayton, Montgomery Co. Ohio.  Harry was my great grandfather.  He supposedly died around 1949.  I get this from my father, though I can find no death for him anywhere near that time & my father doesn't remember going to any funeral, it was just told to him that he was dead.  Harry was married to Emma C. Ahlers born abt 1890.  She was from Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio.  Emma had two children prior to marrying my great grandfather Leona & Elmer Ahlers (This was her maiden name).  Then they had my grandfather Ralph Edward Crowe born 1913 & my grand aunt Thelma Crowe.  My grandfather married my grandmother Mildred Lucille Baker born May, 1912.  They had two children my father Nelson Richard Crowe & my uncle Marvin Crowe.  And here I am at my brickwall because Harry, and I have used every variation I can think of doesn't exist anywhere except the Census'. I don't even know if Harry was his real first name.  Supposedly he was the head of the Ohio numbers racket for the Detroit mob.  In other words.ARRRRGGGHHH.  If anyone recognizes any of these names, please feel free to contact me at
Thank you,
Erin T. Crowe

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 9 Sent: 10/19/2003 7:08 PM
Hello Erin,
I checked my list of Crowe names but did not come up with any matches, sorry. Did your family always have the "e" on Crowe and do you know if any members were from Maryland?  So many state lines touch and were even different at one time, was that VA or could it have been WV?  I think we had family in Canton but I'm not sure if it was the Crowe or Goodrich (I have my brick walls too!), but I was shocked to see that my grandfather Clifford Nelson Crowe's social security number was issued in Michigan.  A cousin of my father said that Clifford had 3 wives.  I know of 2, Gladys Goodrich and Marie Hess.  The cousin said he thought Cliffords 1st (?) wife may have gone by Janta.
As for the name Harry it can be a nickname for Henry.  Looks like the name Edward runs in your family, that might be a clue.  Wish I could be of more help.  I wish you the best of luck breaking down that brick wall Erin!
From: PoetryCrowe  in response to Message 10 Sent: 10/22/2003 8:51 PM
Thanks so much.  My father says Virginia, Roanoke.  But way back when, who knows.  Also, as far as the "E" on the end, I think it may have been Crow to start with because my father talked about our name being different as well.   I tried Henry, and I tried everything in between including Edward.  I did get Joseph Crowe's death cert and it lists his father as Samuel Crowe & mother is Ida Gardner, there is another relative as the informant, and it wasn't Joseph's wife because it states on the death cert that he was widowed.  Her name was Phyllis Crowe, and she lived in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  This was in 1981.  This could be a possible child of his.
Anyways, thank you for everything.
Erin T. Crowe

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 10/14/2003 8:05 PM
I came across a Cemetery list for Crow/Crowe families.  There was a Nelson & Mary A. Crowe listed buried in Fairview Cemetery #2 which I think may be in Flintstone. There was a list of burials at Fairview on the Allegany GenWeb but it was not of everyone who may be buried there.  There was mention  there may be a more complete list of people found in a book by Hilary Farmer Willison "Pioneer Settlers of Flintstone".  Does anyone have that book?

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 10/23/2003 6:09 PM
I have been pondering on how to approach this subject for sometime now and decided just to toss it out there for discussion.  I am a great granddaughter of Isaac Fredrick Crowe who probably went by the name Fred; his headstone reads Fred I. Crowe in Eckhart Cemetery, MD.  He was married to Mary Ann Pengelly of Eckhart Mines, MD.  According to census records and the fact I know he had a sister named Annie Louise who married George Layman, he should belong to the Nelson Crowe and Mary Ann Winebrenner family.  I have located these 8 children associated with this family: Annie Louise, Margaret F., Jacob Cephas, Nancy Elizabeth, Isaac Fredrick, Rosa Belle, Mary (Mollie) and Aurella.  Does anyone know if there is Native American heritage in this family and from where it may have come from?  Were Nelson and Mary Ann the natural parents of all these children, or could some have been nieces and nephews?  I am fairly sure Isaac is of mixed heritage.   I saw another inquiry posted asking if Annie Louise was Native American, I could not reach that person due to an old e-mail address.  ANY information that will help clear up this question would be greatly appreciated.

From: Quiltr0  in response to Message 1 Sent: 11/10/2003 10:24 PM
This is so hard to explain but I will just tell you what I know. I have been told that Annie Louise Crowe was of Indian descent, from Oklahoma. My brother told me, that my Mom told him there was some article printed about her crossing the plains in a covered wagon. There is no documentation for this but when you see her picture, you can see the signs. Also, members of my family resembled Indian heritage too. My brother has died and the only sister that knows anything, emphatically says they were German. She will not give me any information on my family. Long story but not a close family at all. This is so sad because anyone who would have had anything on my family are all dead,even children, my cousins which would have been in their 50's as I am.
From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 2 Sent: 11/14/2003 1:12 PM
I have looked in to the covered wagon story.  I remembered seeing something about Annie's sister Nancy Elizabeth who married Jessie Weimer and the mention of covered wagons.  I was able to contact the person who posted family information on Nancy Elizabeth and Jessie. From her I found out his info.  It was Nancy and Jessie who left PA for the state of Kansas in 1881 and lived there until the opening of Oklahoma was announced.  They participated in the land run to stake their claim being 5 miles north of Kingfisher.  In October they moved all their belongings by covered wagon to their new home in Oklahoma.  In 1901 they moved to West Virginia and then on to Maryland. They later returned to Oklahoma to a ranch west of Kingfisher where Jessie worked until abt. 1906 when he bought a farm 13 miles northwest of Kingfisher.
Their eldest son Reginald also from Kingfisher was well known  for his hand crafted miniature covered wagon models which were purchased by collectors as far away as England.
I would imagine an interesting story such as this may have ended up on the social page of some newspaper where perhaps one of you family saw it.
I will ask the family if I can post the full story to this site.
From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 10/23/2003 6:45 PM
Erin, I don't know if any of this is new for you, but I looked around and this is what I found. If you want the census image lemme know and I'll send it to your email.
1910 Miracode Index OH.
Harry Crowe 
   Age:  21  State:  OH 
   Color:  W  Enumeration District:  0121 
   Birth Place:  Indiana  Visit:  0243 
   County:  Montgomery, Dayton 
   Relation:  Boarder 
   Other Residents:  Relation Name Color Age Birth Place
Head of Household Sebastian Busch W
1920 Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH
Crowe, Harry 32 yrs., head, VA VA VA woodworker
Crowe, Emma 33 yrs , wife, OH OH OH
Crowe, Elmer 13 yrs, stepson, OH OH OH
Crowe Leona? Leonor? 14yrs, stepdaughter, OH OH OH
Crowe, Ralph 7 yrs, son, OH VA OH
Crowe, Thelma 3yrs 9mos (difficult to read, but looks like 9/12) daughter OH VA OH
Crowe, Joseph, 23 yrs,, brother, machinist/lathe, VA VA VA
Crowe, Harry L   
   Volume:  21269                             Certificate:  030737 
   Autopsy:  No Autopsy                   Gender:  Male 
   Date of Death:  31 March 1973     SSN:    
   Birth Date:                                     Father's Surname:    
   Time of Death:                               Age:  86 Years 
   Birth Place:                                    Marital Status:  Divorced 
   Residence:  Troy, Miami County    Hispanic Origin:   n/a 
   Years of Schooling:                       Certifier:  Physician 
   Referred to Coroner:                     Branch of Service:    
   Method of Disposition:     
   Place of Death:  Dayton, Montgomery County  OH
   Race:  White 
Social Security Death Index has 1 match for: 
Ralph Crowe 
 Name   Birth Date   Death Date   Last Residence(City,County,State)     Issued           SSN
RALPH E CROWE 8 Mar 1913   11 Apr 1991   OH (Before 1951 ) 288-07-0955  
Social Security Death Index has 3 matches for: 
Joseph Crowe 
 Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence
(City,County,State) Issued SSN
JOSEPH CROWE 10 Aug 1898 Jan 1981 Dayton, Montgomery, OH OH (Before 1951 ) 298-05-6337   

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 11/7/2003 8:16 AM
Hi Pat,
I moved this discusion off obituaries to the Crowe forum that way others may find it.  I do have another Henrietta Crow but I don't know who she married.  She was the daughter of William Wallace Crow and Isabella Jane Graham.  Isabella's maiden name was Nairn.  William was born 1833 in Frostburg and Isabella 1844 in Mt. Savage.  They are both buried at St. Geroge's in Mt. Savage.  William was the son of Fredrick Crow and Henietta B.Staup.
Anything ring a bell?

From: FRIENDseekerGarrettCo1  in response to Message 1 Sent: 11/7/2003 10:24 AM

I think, if my aunt is correct, and we do connect to the Crowe family that I would be looking for Mr. Unknown Crowe who married (probably) Henrietta Unknown. I think my aunt said Henrietta but she would have been Mrs. Crowe. I think Henrietta Crowe lived in Mt. Lake Park, Garrett County, Maryland in the late 40's, maybe early 50's, and that is the lady my aunt was referring to.
I will keep reading. I might find it yet.

From: FarmersWife2550  (Original Message) Sent: 11/20/2003 9:30 PM
Just a note to invite you to take a look at our Crow Family History and Genealogy website. 

I will try to send an invitation to a group called "Something to Crow About".  Not sure whether I can send it to a group, or if it has to be individuals.  It is a site where several hundred people are searching for their Crow/Crowe ancestors. You might be interested in joining the group to see if you can connect to any of your Crowe ancestors.
From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 10/2/2003 1:16 PM
I wish to open this new message board with a question about my great great grandfather Nelson Crowe.  Does anyone know what year he died and where he was buried?  I am also lacking a date of death for his wife Mary Ann Winebrenner and where she was laid to rest.  Could this couple have left the Allegany area or even the state and relocated?
From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 10/2/2003 6:26 PM
And let the discussions begin!
I can't get any closer than between 1880 and 1900 for Nelson's death.
I believe Annie's death cert shows Allegany Cemetery in Frostburg, so maybe he's there. It would be on or near the old Graham Farm, I think, where the George W. Layman family lived, since some of that property was sold to the Allegany Cemetery Co. I'll see if they have a website. If not, maybe Connie Beachy would check it out.

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 10/2/2003 6:41 PM
I remembered the following from this past year and found it in the archives,
posted by another subscriber.

"I also did a search in the Frostburg Memorial Park.  You are correct that it used to be called Allegany Cemetery.   Also, I discovered that they are very helpful to folks doing cem searches.  here is my list for your (and everybody's) help.
                  Frostburg Memorial Park    (Help lady's name=Peggy E. Sween)
                  70 Green St.
                  Frostburg, Md.
She not only sent me confirmation of grampa & grama, but she also sent a copy of the obit, lot numbers, and
additional locations of same last names."

(pages 601- 602) Talbot County Court Proceedings, 1662-16 

Charles Hemsley Borne     the 2th day of Decembr   Annoq Dom: 1665              
Philemon Hemsley Borne   the 23th day of August  Annoq Dom: 1670        
Nich: Mathews Borne     the 20th day of Febury    Annoc3 Dom: 1665                   
Will. Mathews Borne  the 20th day of Aprill  Annoq Dom:  1668                   
Henry Coursey Borne  the 24th day of May Annoq Dom:    1662:                  
James Bell Borne the16th day of Decembr 1669                   
Petter Sides Borne  the 15th day of Janry  1670                   
Sarah Steeuenson Borne    the 29th day of Decembr  Annoq Doth: 1670       
Judith Wedge Borne  the 15th day of Febry   1670                   
Alexander Maxwell   Borne the 23th day  of Janry 1670          
Jno Brown Borne the  6th day of June 1669   
Anne Humberston Borne    the 18th day of March 1667                   
Will Munttegue and   Elizabeth Morgaine  Was Maryed the 12th  day of Octobr 1668      
Andrew Skinner and   Anne Snodon was Maried  the 28th day of May  Annocp Dom:  1669                    
Will. Laten & Sarah  Shirtt widdow was  Maryed the 13th day of March 1669           
Will. Yonge Maryed   to Frances [blank] the 14th day of Aprill 1670
 Charles Hemsley Baptized  March 1667  

 Sallom Jones Baptized   the 26 day of Decembr 1670                            
Will Shirtt died the   25th day of November  1669                    
Christopher Thomas  Dyd the 25th day of   March 1670              
Will. Lewis dyed the   5th day of Septr 1669   
Liber BB Tho: Fositt maried 25th day of Novembr 1669
Henry Wilicockes married to  Sarah Lewis Widdow the 9th  day of Janry 1669
Will Parratt & Sararh Morgaine was maried the Last day of November 1669
Will Read & Hellener Hurley was maried the 4th day of Aprill 1671
Pattrick Mullican & Elizabeth  Kindcade was maried the 6th day of Aprill 1671A:  D: 1667

Richard Gyrling & Elizabeth Moorey were married the 22th of March 1667
Thomas Delahay and Eue Rich  the Daughter of William  Rich of Island Creeke was Marryed the 9th Day of July:1681
Robert fowler and Mary Wheler widow was Married  the 18th Day of Aprill 1680
[p. 3] 

Elizabeth Humberston  Borne the 11th day of March 1669                       
Allexander Maccoer borne the 28th day of December 1663                             
Anne Maccotter borne  the first day of May   the first day of May 1667                             
Elizabeth Smith borne  the fift day of Novembr 1670                             
Will Jones borne the 30th day of Decembr 1668         
Sararh Olliuer borne  the first day of Novembr 1669                             
Alce Olliuer borne the In Octo ber 1667                 
Elizabeth Furby borne  the 25th day of [blank]          
Sefiah Furbey borne the 8th day of Feb. 1669             
Margarett Stapleford  borne the 29th day of   Sept. 1669                      

Baptisms [No entries.]
Humberson, John, m. by (c.1720),  [-?-], widow of John Husbands of CE Co. (MDAD 3:272).  

Kent Co Criminal Court Records 1728-1734
(page)176                                    March Court 1730
T. f.
    His Ldship  ag.t George Lincoln & John Alexander Maryland Kent County
 fs.t Be it Remembered that On the tenth Day of this Instant Jan.ry 1730 Geo: Humberston & John Clayton Did Acknowledge themselves Justly Indebted to the Right Hon.ble the Lord prop.ry of the province afd to his heirs & Successors in the March Court 1730 Sum Twenty pounds Sterling Money of Great Breattain Each to be leaved on their Bodys Goods and Chattles Lands and Tenements Conditionally that if A Certain Geo: Lincolne and John Alexander Do not make their personall Appearance befor the Justices of his Lordships Court to be held for the afd County on the third Tuesday of March next then and there to Answer all such matters & things Which shall be Objected against them being Suspected to have Feloniously Taken a Mare of the Goods & Chattles of a Certain Luknor Middleton of the afd County & do not Depart without Leave of the Court that then this Recognizance to be Void otherwise to Remain in full force Taken before me one of the Lord prop.ry
Justices of the peace for the afd County                Geo Wilson
    And now here at this Court to wit on the third tuesday in March being the Sixteenth day of Said Month Anno Dom. Seventeen hundred and thirty came the afd George Lincolne and John Alexander and in their proper persons appeared to the afd Recognizance and prayd that their Suretys for their appearance might
be discharged  Ordered by the Court here that the Same Recognizance be disch.d  Thereupon the Same Recognizance to wit George Humberston and John Clayton their Suretys as afd there Recognizances each be disch.d as afd prayd


The Jacob Humberston Cemetery is on Rt. 40 just North or West of Markleysburg, Pa. If you are traveling West out of Maryland to Uniontown, it is on your right. It is hard to see, you have to look back into the woods a bit. It is right next to the Henry Clay Villa, that is a nursing home. It is easier to see traveling East.
I have invetoried and taken pictures of all the tombstones in it. I have almost placed everyone there. Some are not to easy. I think they are in-laws of the Humberstons.
Ace H. Humbertson Jr.

From: terecox  (Original Message) Sent: 10/2/2003 8:06 PM
In the info that was sent  I found that in the list of  George and Annie Laymans' children William the first born is missing and there is a Curtin on the list. Curtin does show up on the 1880 cenus.  Other list I have found they have a Robert on them with the same birthdate May 1880. Are they twins or is Robert and Curtin the same person. But on the list that i recieved there is both a Robert and a Curtin, but no William or Algre. Also on one of the cenus(1910) is states that Annie had , had 16 children I have found 14 and with the addition of Curtin that makes 15. 

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 2 Sent: 10/3/2003 8:17 PM
I have the missing names for the daughters of Nelson husbands:
Aurella m. Johnson C. DeVore 10 Feb 1889 in Frostburg, MD
Mary (Mollie) m. Victor Hawkins, they moved to Akron, Ohio
Margaret M William H. Dowden 30 Mar 1874 in Allegany Co, MD

From: FRIENDseekerGarrettCo1  (Original Message) Sent: 12/2/2003 6:05 AM
I have been trying to help Art Grady find his g, g, grandmother's (Rebecca Friend Haskell Tuhill) FRIEND family.
I just realized Art has sent this message to me and it included the Layman family. "I think this is Ruth Layman who married James Tuhill in abou 1920.  I have written to I think Genie Ragan who is a neice of Ruth's trying to find out more about this. James R Tuhill died in about 1927 and his death cert showed Alice Bowers as his wife, but that doesn't rule out him having married Ruth Layman 7 years earlier"
Genie, have you talked with Art?
Rebecca as supposedly born Rebecca J. FRIEND, mother was Lizzie (?Elizabeth) Shaffer (various spellings).  Suspicion is mounting that Rebecca's father might have been John H. Friend, who was killed during the Civil War.  Anyway, Lizzie later married Henry Haskell and Rebecca then goes by the name of Haskell. Later Rebecca marries Jame O. Tuhill.  They have several children.  The location for this story is Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland.
Since the group is growing I thought I would ask again if anyone might have information concerning Rebecca J. Friend, Haskell, Tuhill 1863-1906?

From: TinkerbellGenie  in response to Message 1 Sent: 12/2/2003 8:08 AM
Yes I have corresponded with Art! We were never able to find enough info on the Tuhills or Ruth to determine if this is the same James. My gr.aunt, Ruth Layman Tuhill Davis was married to a James, but it was assumed his name was James L. Tuhill. They had two children, Eleanor b. about 1914 and James L. (Jr.??) b. about 1918 (according to the 1920 census). This would indicate James and Ruth were married about 1913, a little earlier than Art has for their marriage. I have Ruth and children living with Annie Louise Crowe Layman in the 1920 census, then in the 1930 she is listed again with Annie and brother Benjamin Layman, as Ruth Wayes, widow. The children are not with her in 1930. I guess the enumerator misunderstood "Way-es" for Davis. Her 2nd husband Fuller Davis died in 1929. In the 1910 census Ruth aged 14, is still living at home with George L. and Annie Layman. That's all I know. Maybe I need to see if I can find anything more on them.

From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 2/27/2004 6:21 PM
Does anyone have info on Nancy Woodin Yeast who married John W Layman?
It is rumored that she poisoned John W. Layman, as well as her second husband (Samuel Hufford mar 1848 and he was dead by 1850) and a neighbor, Mrs Engles. I found a little blurb in the History of Western MD where it mentioned she had been tried and acquitted for the murder of Mrs Engles in 1856. But no other info. She married again to Holmes Wiley, sometime after 1850. 

From: terecox  (Original Message) Sent: 7/8/2004 12:43 PM
 Need help looking for Layman's in the census from 1800 to 1840 in Allegeany County. Looking for the family of George Layman born abt 1780.  I know he was living in Westernport around 1810.
                                                                  Thanks Teresa

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 10/6/2003 9:26 PM

   Spouse:  SNYDER, CATHERINE  Marriage Date:  18 Mar 1794 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  SHRIVER, ELIZA B.  Marriage Date:  15 Oct 1864 
   County:  Carroll  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, MARY  Marriage Date:  5 Feb 1823 
   County:  Washington  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  GOLL, MARY  Marriage Date:  17 Apr 1813 
   County:  Washington  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINDERS, MARY  Marriage Date:  11 Jun 1814 
   County:  Washington  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  ESMINGER, CATHERINE  Marriage Date:  18 May 1816 
   County:  Washington  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  BEEMAN, REBECCA  Marriage Date:  11 Jun 1847 
   County:  Allegany  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  CROW, LYDIA  Marriage Date:  25 Mar 1850 
   County:  Allegany  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  JENKINS, MILLY  Marriage Date:  1 Nov 1843 
   County:  Allegany  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, SARAH ANN  Marriage Date:  30 Aug 1842 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, SEVILLA MARY  Marriage Date:  23 Apr 1844 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, MARGARET  Marriage Date:  09 Mar 1842 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  CRAMER, PHOEBE  Marriage Date:  16 Oct 1833 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  GEBHART, SOPHIA  Marriage Date:  06 Jun 1815 
  County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, MARY  Marriage Date:  16 Nov 1819 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, CATHERINE  Marriage Date:  20 Oct 1810 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD  

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, LOUISA ANN  Marriage Date:  2 Jun 1853 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, HARRIET  Marriage Date:  13 Feb 1852 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, MARGARET E.  Marriage Date:  11 Dec 1854 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, MARY ELLEN  Marriage Date:  19 Dec 1853 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  WINEBRENNER, HARRIET A.  Marriage Date:  28 May 1860 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  MARKEY, REBECCA BENTZ  Marriage Date:  12 Oct 1864 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  EBERT, CAROLINE M. R.  Marriage Date:  21 May 1855 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  STAMBAUGH, SUSAN  Marriage Date:  29 Jan 1851 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  CRONISE, MARY A.  Marriage Date:  4 Oct 1851 
   County:  Frederick  State:  MD 

   Spouse:  SMITH, ALICE  Marriage Date:  18 Apr 1799 
   County:  Allegany  State:  MD 

Description: Groom Winebrenner, Henry
Event: Marriage
Date: 3 November 1793
Description: Bride Winebrenner, Catharina Ritz
Event: Marriage
Date: 3 November 1793
Church: Records of the First Reformed (Trinity), City of York, York County, Pennsylvania, 1745-1800

Name: Winebrenner, George
Event: Birth Date: 25 August 1812
Event: BaptismDate: 11 October 1812
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, George   Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Marie Ann
Event: Birth Date: 6 March 1814
Event: Baptism Date: 15 March 1814
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, George   Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Susanna
Event: Birth Date: 18 September 1818
Event: Baptism Date: 19 March 1820
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Father is sponsor.
Father Winebrenner, George   Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Ann Maria
Event: Birth Date: 25 March 1835
Event: Baptism Date: 24 May 1835
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Charles    Mother Winebrenner, Maria

Name: Winebrenner, Charles Martin
Event: Birth Date: 21 February 1841
Event: Baptism Date: 28 May 1841
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Charles   Mother Winebrenner, Anna Maria

Name: Winebrenner, Clara Jane
Description: Born
Event: Birth Date: 19 May 1845
Event: Baptism Date: 10 July 1845
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father: Winebrenner, Charles  MotherWinebrenner, Maria

Name: Winebrenner, Isabella Catherine
Event: Birth Date: 23 September 1847
Event: Baptism  Date: 2 November 1847
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Charles  Mother Winebrenner, Ann Maria

Name: Winebrenner, Caroline Elizabeth
Event: Birth Date: 18 June 1850
Event: Baptism Date: 28 June 1850
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Charles  Mother Winebrenner, Maria

Name: Winebrenner, David Edmund
Event: Birth Date: 24 August 1839
Event: Baptism Date: 23 December 1839
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Henry   Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Mary Jane
Event: Birth
Date: 9 August 1841
Event: Baptism Date: 22 November 1841
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
FatherWinebrenner, Henry   Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Martha Catherine
Event: Birth Date: 18 January 1846
Event: Baptism Date: 27 March 1846
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Henry   Mother  Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Henry Calvin
Event: Birth Date: 6 July 1848
Event: Baptism Date: 1 September 1848
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
Father Winebrenner, Henry    Mother Winebrenner, Sarah

Name: Winebrenner, Edward Grove
Event: Birth Date: 4 February 1843
Event: Baptism Date: 17 April 1843
Church: Records of Emmanuel's Reformed Church, Hanover, Penn Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1856
Remarks: Parents are sponsors.
FatherWinebrenner, John   MotherWinebrenner, Hannah

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 10/6/2003 9:27 PM
John Jacob Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1758--  , York County, PA 
 17 November 1815 --   
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Christiana   Wyand
Philip   Winebrenner 
   Birth:   December 1759-- York Co, Hanover, PA 
 11 December 1841 -- Walkersville, Frederick Co, MD 
   Spouse:  Eve C Barrick 
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner,     Christiana  Wyand

Christian   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1765-- Or Hagerstown, York, PA 
 31 December 1832 -- Martinsburg, Blair County, PA 
   Spouse:  Mary   Adams 
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Christiana   Wyand 

Catherine   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1766--  , York County, PA 
     1815 --   
   Spouse:  John   Snyder 
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Christiana   Wyand 

Johann Peter Winebrenner 
   Birth:    9 May 1768--  , York County, PA 
   Spouse:    Catherine Snyder    
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Christiana   Wyand 

Sebastian   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1769--  , York County, PA 
     1815 --   
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Christiana   Wyand 

Catherine   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 1 May 1794--  , Blair County, PA 
 7 December 1856 --   
   Parents: Christian   Winebrenner, Mary   Adams 

Ester   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 25 April 1801--  , Blair County, PA 
 16 September 1851 --   
   Parents: Christian   Winebrenner, Mary   Adams 
Mary   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1805--  , Blair County, PA 
   Parents: Christian   Winebrenner, Mary   Adams 

William   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1824-- Blair County, Martinsburg, PA 
 24 October 1864 --   
   Parents: Christian   Winebrenner, Abigail   Chrisman

Mary   Coho 
   Birth: 6 December 1796--  , Bedford County, PA 
 16 May 1859 -- Noble County, IN 
   Spouse:  Peter   Winebrenner 
   Parents: John   Coho      

David   Winebrenner 
   Birth:   June 1820--  , Blair County, PA 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

Jacob   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 12 May 1822--  , Blair County, PA 
     1906 --  , PA 
   Spouse:  Lydia   Unk 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

William   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 6 December 1828-- Blair County, Martinsburg, PA 
 18 May 1906 -- Garfield, Indiana County, PA 
   Spouse:  Matilda   Hendricks 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

Peter   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 20 July 1831--  , Blair County, PA 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner
Mary   Winebrenner 
   Birth:   February 1833--  , Blair County, PA 
   Spouse:  William Houston Longstreth 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner  
Matilda   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 12 December 1836--  , Blair County, PA 
   Spouse:  Unk   Unk 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

Joseph   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1843--  , Blair County, PA 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

Henry   Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1847--  , Blair County, PA 
   Parents: Mary   Coho, Peter   Winebrenner 

Chr   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 9 October 1799-- Frederick Co, Walkersville, MD 
 27 May 1899 --   
   Spouse:    Harriet (unknown)Winebrenner  
   Parents:     Phi(lip?)

John   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 23 March 1797-- Frederick Co, Gladys Valley Woodsboro Dist, MD 
 12 September 1860 -- North St, Harrisburg, Pa 
   Spouse:  Mary Hamilton Mitchell 
   Parents: Philip   Winebrenner, Eve C Barrick 

Johannes   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 13 August 1787--  , Hagerstown, MD 
 9 October 1787 -- Hagerstown, MD 
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Ann   Marie

Amelia   Winebrenner 
   Birth: 22 September 1814-- , Hagerstown, MD 
   Parents: Johann Christian Winebrenner, Ann   Marie 

Catherine Mary Winebrenner 
   Birth:     1800-- Allegany, Borden Shaft, MD 
   Spouse:  Tobias   Foutz 
   Parents: Morris   Winebrenner,     Hannah 
Lydia 1 Feb. 1790 mar. Geo Humbertson

Hi saw your post, this info was sent to me by Jeanne said none of the names of yours sound familar, my 4th Great Grandfather was Christian born 1764 in York Co. PA. His father was Johann Christian born 1736 in Baden, Germany , he married Christina Wyand Aug. 30, 1758.
He died on Nov. 1815 in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Children were Christian born 1764 died 1832 married Mary Adams, Married Abigal Chrisman
John Jacob born 1758
Phillip born 1759 married Eve Barrick
Catherine born 1766
Johann Peter born 1768 married Catherine Snyder
Sebastian born 1769
Christiana born 1771
2nd marriage of Johann Christian was to Anna Marie last name unknown.
children were
Johannes, Amelia
The parents of Johann Christian were, Johann born 1711 in Baden, Palatinate, Germany and Catherine Unknown.
Children were:
Johann Peter born 1738 married Barbara Gross died 1789
Barbara born 1742
Johann Christian born 1736
Johann George born 1742, married Catherine Burchert died 1780
Katrina born 1745 married Jacob Gibler died 1834
Jean said that my Morris is a brother of Christian that I don't have info on. Why don't we all keep track and keep things on file and we can get back to each other if the other finds out any more info.

WINEBRENNER 05 Apr 1895 Isaac Winebrenner, aged 91 years, died Wednesday on his farm between Frostburg and Eckhart Mines. He was born near Frostburg and resided all his life near his birthplace. He was the father of 11 children; 6 sons and 5 daughters and his descendants number 265. 06 Apr 1895 (follow-up article with 3 paragraphs) Mr Isaac Winebrenner died at the home of his son Moriss near Eckhart Mines on 3 April. He was buried from English Lutheran Church at Frostburg, Rev Britt officiating. He was born near Midlothian in 1804 and he was a great hunter. His remains are buried in the Old Porter Cemetery 

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 11/25/2003 10:07 PM
Well folks it looks like I don't have to 'ponder' anymore about Nelson and Mary Ann's children being their own and if there is American Indian in this part of the Crowe line.  But now we need to put our heads together and find out who Mary Ann's family is.  The Weimer family always knew our gg grandmother as Mary Ann Winebrunner not Winebrenner but that's not to say the spelling didn't get changed back and forth a few times.  And Mary Ann had different parents then the Mary Ann Winebrenner who's thought to have Isaac and Nancy Barnard for parents.  The names given were Joe Winebrunner and Anna McKenzie.  I also have for Anna's parents Leo McKenzie and Joanna Garlitz and Leo's parents as Moses McKenzie and Anne Logue.  I've done some checking and found a Leo McKenzie and Joanna Garlitz who were married on Feb 13, 1843.  But they can't be the grandparents if Mary Ann was born in 1837.  Perhaps over time the names got mixed up some.  I have come up with anything yet.
But I'm back to pondering again! I have been assuming that Joe could be Joseph, but could his name have been Jo, maybe for Johann or Johannes?  We still have plenty of unanswered questions regarding the Winebrenner's.  We posted a page on the Winebrenner's but not everything has been confirmed.  We are still not sure if Morris Winebrenner was indeed a child of Johann Christian and Christiana Wyand.  Also Genie found some interesting information on some stepchildren.  I'll find that and post it.


From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 11/25/2003 10:21 PM
 I snagged this from Genie
Have made a great find, I think.  And of course something to add to the confusion. And problems!
I found Jacob and Christina Weyand (Wyand) in some church records and they had kids. (This is the one who married Johann Christian Weinbrenner) At least two. There was a Johan Jost who was baptised Jan 1750 and Elisabeth baptised 1751. Now Johan Jost was sponsored by his parents, but Elisabeth was sponsored by Jost and Elisabeth SUSSEMANSHAUS. So if you noticed, both of Christina's children are named after Elisabeth's Godparents. Now this is what I am thinking, Jost Sussemanshaus was maybe Christina's brother, or equally possible her brother in law (married to her sister Elisabeth). On 25 Dec. 1752, Elisabeth Sussemanshaus gave birth to a dau. named Christina. Jacob and Christina Weyand were her Godparents. Jost had died prior to the birth. This dau died 25 Aug 1762, the family name was misspelled Sassaman by this time, but it wasn't important I guess because Elisabeth Sussemanshaus is now married to Conrad Zeck and they list the dau as Christina Zeck. They indicate her father Jost is deceased, and Jacob Weyand her Godfather is also deceased and Christina Weyand is now the wife of Christian Weinbrenner. Are you confused yet?
 It seems the custom at the time (I don't know if it was a German thing or everybody) was for stepchildren to just take the name of the stepfather. Thus, if still living, Christina's children would now be known as Johan Jost Weinbrenner and Elisabeth Weinbrenner. Do you see where I'm going with this. We had the thing of 10 children of Johann Christian and Christina but records for only 7 found. Then somewhere number 8 turned up. I thought perhaps Morris was one of the missing sons. I don't think so. I think Johan Jost and Elisabeth are the two missing children. And of course you would not find records for them if they were born and baptised Weyand! Anyway, I have a feeling we may be back to square one on Morris' parents.
Other thoughts, I don't believe Amelia, b 1814 was the dau. of Ann Maria and Johann Christian, they both would have been 79-81 yrs old! And there is a Lydia Weinbrenner (or Winebrenner) who was confirmed in York Co. PA in 1817, 18 yrs at the time of confirmation, making her born in 1799. I do sorta believe that this is the Lydia who married Geo Humbertson and she is from a different family than Morris. That would mean that Geo. did not marry his niece. I haven't found her parents yet, but it's one of the families still in PA.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 1/9/2004 4:16 PM
WINEBRENNER 30 Jan 1902 Marriage licence- Laurence W Winebrenner of Mt Savage and Florence Blanche Martin of Wellersburg PA. 
Son of James Hiram Winebrenner and Suzanne Logsdon.


From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 1/10/2004 8:27 PM
the origin of the name WEINBRENNER is definitely based on the profession of destillating wine grapes to get "aqua vitae" .... for medical purpose in the beginning only.
WEIN means wine
BRENNEN means to destillate (word by word : to burn).
In German "brennen" is used to describe the process of the destillation  of alcoholic beverages generally.
A German "Cognac = brandy" is called WEINBRAND , or BRANDWEIN.

Courtesy of Dr. Horst Klassen (Germany) another Weinbrenner/Winebrenner researcher.

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 2/11/2004 8:41 AM
Gloria Snyder
104 Chris Ron Lane
Northumberland, PA 17857
(570) 473-3769

snyderg@susqu.edu  Old addy ?
Fair, Flicker, Fuller, Hutzell, Kammerer, Winebrenner and Witt.

From: Californiacrowe1  in response to Message 4 Sent: 3/21/2004 12:05 PM
Hi Barbara,
Yes I was talking about Phyllis. She sent me the death certificates for Hanna and John. I'm glad you received the files I sent to you, I hope you will find something you can use on your line.
Thank you for offering to help others who share your family line! 

From: Californiacrowe1  (Original Message) Sent: 2/17/2004 7:31 PM
This is a list of other states that were once part of Virginia.

Any part of Illinois from 1781 to Statehood in 1818   could have been Va.

Any Part of Indiana from 1781 to Statehood in 1816 could have been Va.

Any part of Kentucky from 1781 to Statehood could have been Va.

Any part of Maryland from 1775 to Statehood in 1792, could have been Va.

Any part of North Carolina from 1728 to Statehood in 1779 could have been Va.

Any part of Pennsylvania from 1752 to 1786

Any part of Tenn. from 1760 to 1803


From: Acejr6  (Original Message) Sent: 5/4/2004 10:44 AM
The Humbertson's originated in England. There is still a town called Humbert on the Humbert River on the East side of England.
I will try to remember to copy Frisby's and Sarah's obit when I get home.


From: TinkerbellGenie  (Original Message) Sent: 1/18/2004 2:12 PM
This information is taken from Census records, Draft Registration Cards and the Death Index at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis, MD.
1. John Devore b abt 1837, MD, d. unknown
    mar. Sarah J., b. abt. 1837, MD, d. unknown
    2.  Francis (Frank) Devore b. 1854, MD, d. unknown
    2.  Martha M. Devore b. 1857, MD, d. uknown
    2.  Nancy E. (Ellie) Devore b. 1861, MD, d. unknown
    2.  Jacob Elsworth Devore b. 1863, MD, d. unknown
    2.  Johnson Collins Devore b. Jan.,1867, d.19 Feb 1941 Allegany Co. MD.
         mar. Aurelia Crowe b. Mar 1872, Allegany Co., MD, d. aft 1945 (probably Frostburg, MD.), mar. 10 Feb 1889 in Allegany Co. MD. Dau of Nelson Crowe and Mary Ann Winebrenner
         3. Roy Devore b 16 Feb 1890 Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
         3. Edith Devore b. Dec 1891 Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
         3. Edna M Devore b. Aug 1893 Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
         3. Johnson Collins Devore, Jr. b 15 Nov 1894, Allegany Co., MD. d. Apr  1965
         3. Ora Devore b Jul 1896, Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
         3. George Dewey Devore b 27 Nov 1897 Allegany Co., MD, d. Jan  1974 Allegany Co. MD
         3. Delila Devore b Apr 1900 Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
         3. Victor Devore b 3 Jul 1902, Allegany Co., MD, d Oct. 1986 Allegany    Co. MD 
         3. Leonard Devore b 6 Dec. 1905 Allegany Co., MD. d. 26 Feb 1990 unknown
         3. Mildred Devore b. 1908, Allegany Co, MD, d. unknown
         3. Eleanor Devore b 1911, Allegany Co., MD, d. unknown
    2. John W. Devore b Jar 1870, MD, d. unknown mar. Mollie b. Apr 1875
         3. Elva Devore b. Feb 1895
    2. Lucy Devore b. 1872 MD., d. unknown  

From: Bobi  in response to Message 1 Sent: 1/19/2004 8:52 PM
Descendants of John Louis DeVore

1 John Louis DeVore b: July 01, 1835 Cumberland, Allegany, MD d: January 05, 1923
.. +Unknown Mary b: Abt. 1844 Maryland d: Bef. 1900 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
..... 2 John W DeVore b: March 18, 1877
*2nd Wife of John Louis DeVore:
.. +Sarah J Simpson m: February 02, 1857 ,Allegany, MD d: May 1876
..... 2 Martha DeVore b: January 10, 1858 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD d: Bef. 1898
..... 2 Francis M DeVore b: September 23, 1859 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD d: March 18, 1942 Aspinwall Army Hospital, MD
......... +Frances Shoemaker b: May 25, 1874 Maryland m: October 20, 1884 d: May 03, 1939
............. 3 Ellsworth DeVore b: June 1885 ,Allegany, MD
............. 3 Ida DeVore b: July 1890 ,Allegany, MD
..... *2nd Wife of Francis M DeVore:
......... +Sarah E Stonebreaker m: August 19, 1899 d: March 10, 1951 Kingwood, Preston, WV
............. 3 Oliver DeVore b: January 10, 1902
............. 3 Earnest DeVore b: April 15, 1904
............. 3 Inez DeVore b: July 04, 1906
............. 3 Ellsworth DeVore b: November 05, 1906
............. 3 Sundy DeVore b: February 18, 1909
............. 3 Edna DeVore b: July 18, 1914
............. 3 Lucy DeVore b: May 18, 1916
............. 3 Nellie DeVore b: January 27, 1919
..... 2 Nancy Jane DeVore b: February 28, 1861 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD
..... 2 Eveline M DeVore b: August 06, 1863 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD d: Bef. 1898
..... 2 Jacob DeVore b: September 28, 1865 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD
..... 2 Johnson Collins DeVore, Sr b: January 18, 1867 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD d: Unknown
......... +Aurelia Woodright Cross-Crowe b: March 1872, Allegany, MD m: February 10, 1884 ,Allegany, MD d: Unknown
............. 3 Ray DeVore b: February 1890 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
............. 3 Edith DeVore b: December 1891 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
............. 3 Johnson Collins DeVore, Jr b: November 15, 1894 Frostberg, Allegany, MD d: April 1965 MD
............. 3 Edna DeVore b: August 1894 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
............. 3 Ora DeVore b: July 1896 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
............. 3 George Walter DeVore b: November 1898 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
................. +Mary Frances Jones
............. 3 Delila D DeVore b: April 1900 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
..... 2 Lara A DeVore b: August 14, 1871 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD d: Bef. 1898
..... 2 Mary Lucy DeVore b: July 1873 Eckhart Mines, Allegany, MD
......... +Unknown Reese
............. 3 Mary I Reese DeVore b: June 1897 Frostberg, Allegany, MD
................. +Orval Kefauver

From: FRIENDseekerGarrettCo1  in response to Message 5 Sent: 1/21/2004 5:14 AM
Your question about the Devore obituary and the mention of Daughter-in-law THRASHER. I did find John Thrasher in the census, found that he married into the King family and later into the Junkins family.  I only found one son: Lorenzo Thrasher b. 1879, I haven't found anything else about him. A daughter, Alice Rebecca b. 1876 but married to a Nugent, another daughter Mattie b. 1892 d. 1907.